QuickClip2™ Clip Fixing Device

Clip Fixing Devices

QuickClip2™ Clip Fixing Device

Single-use Olympus QuickClip2™ Clip Fixing Devices provide simple and reliable hemostasis for confident cessation of bleeding. All models include an exclusive rotation mechanism that enables easy orientation and position of the clip at the site. Available in multiple sizes, the family of QuickClip2 devices provide a wide range of options to meet every clinical indication, including use in the upper and lower GI tract as well as the small bowel.

QuickClip 2 MRI cards can be downloaded here.

Key Benefits

  • Low-profile design: QuickClip2 clips feature a 1:1 rotation mechanism and low-profile design for easy maneuverability in the upper GI tract. 
  • Longer clip length: QuickClip2 Long™ clips feature a 1:1 rotation and have longer prongs and a greater opening width for grasping more tissue at one time in the colon.
  • Easy insertion: QuickClip2 clips for enteroscopy are rotatable and feature a low-profile design that enables easy insertion, even at a maximum scope angle.

Product Support

Olympus QuickClip2 Clip Fixing Devices are available in a wide array of lengths and sizes to meet clinical requirements for the upper and lower GI tract as well as the small bowel.

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