BiCOAG™ Biopolar Probe


BiCOAG™ Biopolar Probe

The single-use Olympus BiCOAG® Probe provides reliable hemostasis through bipolar coagulation technology. The bipolar spiral tip provides coagulation at virtually any angle, and coaxial and fixed-pin connectors allow use of the probe with any bipolar generator.

Key Benefits

  • Improved performance: Optimal tubing stiffness reduces kinking, transmits pressure to the bleeding site and passes easily through the endoscope channel. A specialized coating also helps to reduce sticking.
  • Unique tip design: The probe’s silver tip increases conductivity, and its spiral design provides coagulation at any angle.
  • Extended length: The probe’s extended working length fits virtually any anatomy and any scope.

Product Support

Minimal Channel Size: 2.8, 3.7 mm
Working Length: 350 cm
Plug Types: Single, dual
Package: 1 per box, sterile
Use: Single use

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