Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


In today’s changing healthcare environment, there is an increased need to deliver excellent care at a lower cost, all while enhancing patient satisfaction. At Olympus, we are committed to meet the evolving needs of our customers and offer clinical and economical solutions that fit within this triple aim framework.

Medical Systems Group President

Olympus is a complete solution partner and will assist in driving standardizations and realizing long term cost savings throughout your healthcare network. It’s our 100-year legacy of innovation that gives us the vision and drive necessary to tackle future healthcare challenges and push forward the frontiers of healthcare with minimally invasive devices and technology.

– Randy Clark, Medical Systems Group President

A Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Olympus offers a wide range of innovative medical and surgical technologies aimed to improve patient outcomes and experiences while safely reducing costs.


Customized contracting for value-based
customer solutions

Strategic Relationships

With Olympus as your provider for innovative medical endoscopy devices and surgical technologies, our strategic relationships can serve as essential factors for our customers as they look to reduce costs in many areas without affecting quality of care or patient satisfaction. Our relationship with the nation’s leading Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) can help our customers leverage group purchasing power to access our technology as the best possible price.

Expanding to fulfill the continuum of care

Strategic partnerships, acquisitions and alliances to strengthen our portfolio and accelerate our delivery of new innovations to those who need it most.

Olympus Service

Beyond What You Can See

With Olympus Service on your side, you can see the difference in equipment performance and reliability. But what you can’t see is just as important.

Superior Performance

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Lasting reliability
  • Rapid repair turnaround
  • Largest selection of temporary and on-site loaners available

Unmatched Protection

  • FDA regulated
  • Reprocessing validation
  • Safety assurance
  • Uptime protection
  • The Olympus OEM difference

Cost Control

  • One vendor
  • Predictable fixed service cost
  • Options to include service with leasing programs
  • Volume purchase discounts

OEM service can help control costs, improve efficiencies and ensure facility safety.


Support That Empowers

Expect support that empowers you to do more. Our committed team of highly trained support
specialists are changing the perception of what a service provider can be.
Customer Solutions Representatives
Consultative repair recommendations,
guidance on understanding pictorial
estimates, return authorizations
and loaner requests.

Field Service Engineers
Product installations as well
as in-service training for your
clinical staff to get up
and running.

Endoscopy Support Specialists
On-site training for reprocessing,
care and handling, and asset
management training.
On-Site Specialists
Room set-up streamlining based on
procedure type, troubleshooting
solutions and more.

Clinical Educators
Experienced GI Healthcare Professionals providing clinical
support on safe and effective
use training for Olympus
products and procedures.

Technical Assistance Center
24-7 customer phone support for
diagnosing, troubleshooting and
field service engineer dispatch.

Beyond The Products

Dedicated Support Professionals 100% Behind You

Olympus recognizes and appreciates the role healthcare professionals play in enhancing the patient experience and providing cost-effective care while working to improve the quality provided. Our dedicated support professionals are designed to help you accomplish that mission.


Committed to providing you and your staff with the educational tools and skills needed to provide optimal patient care
  • Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Clinical Endoscopy and Surgical Specialists
  • Clinical Application Specialists
  • Professional Services


Healthcare Professional Education for physicians, surgeons, practice partners, fellows and residents. We seek to enhance knowledge, inspire vision and offer solutions to healthcare professionals in their chosen fields.
  • Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
  • Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy
  • Early-Stage Cancer Evaluation and Treatment


Dedicated team of service and support personnel as well as 24/7 online customer resources.
  • Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Clinical Endoscopy and Surgical Specialists
  • Clinical Application Specialists
  • Professional Services


Continuing Education Programs for nurses, technicians, biomedical engineers, administrators and material managers.
  • Further knowledge of GI and surgical instrument procedures
  • Nursing contact hour accredited live courses across the country
  • Continually updated course material and curriculums
  • CE credits for nurses and support staff

Olympus Financial Services

Flexible Tailored Solutions

With over 25 years of healthcare Finance expertise, Olympus leasing and financing offers customized solutions to meet your procurement needs. Very few manufacturers can effectively deliver both industry leading technology and financing, yet Olympus is among the Top 100 U.S. Financing and Leasing companies.


  • Stay competitive in the marketplace
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
  • Flexibility is the rule, not the exception
  • Enables an upgrade path
  • Benefit from Total Olympus Solutions
  • Attractive terms and rates
  • Optimize ROI on equipment
  • Conserve and leverage cash
  • Improve patient health, enhance outcomes and reduce costs

Colon Cancer Awareness

With Olympus products, Americas get screened for one of the most detectable and treatable forms of cancer. We are the leading provider for colorectal screening technology. Over 11 million colonoscopy procedures are completed with Olympus equipment each year.