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Partners in Patient Care

As a focused and agile leading global medtech company, Olympus strives to deliver value to benefit patients, healthcare professionals, payors, and providers. We work with healthcare professionals every day to deliver diagnostic and therapeutic solutions designed to help improve clinical outcomes and enhance quality of life for patients.

As your partner in patient care, Olympus is looking beyond optimizing device performance and thinking more expansively about how our capabilities can be better leveraged to enhance patient care.

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It’s About You and Your Health System

Do any of these current market conditions sound familiar?
Mergers and acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions
Cases shifting from hospitals to ASCs
Cases shifting from hospitals to ASCs
Increased labor costs
Increased labor costs
Staff turnover
Staff turnover
Shrinking reimbursements
Shrinking reimbursements
Increasing supplier diversity
Increasing supplier diversity
Supply chain backorders
Supply chain backorders

We’ve heard from our provider partners and understand the long list of challenges you are facing.
So we want to know: How are these market conditions affecting you and your health system?

Olympus’ Enterprise Solutions team wants to help.

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Dedicated to customized contracting for value-based customer solutions, our Enterprise Solutions team is fully committed to designing solutions centered around you.

Our full spectrum of service and support programs – combined with our innovative products and technologies – is designed to help strengthen outcomes, reduce costs, enhance provider experience, and improve quality of life.

Enterprise Solutions is striving to optimize clinical, economic, and operational value.

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Partners in Patient Care

Olympus is committed to investing in new imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies, with a focus on early detection and next-gen minimally invasive solutions, optimized procedures, and care pathway-oriented approaches designed to improve clinical and economic outcomes.

Diseases or Conditions Treated
At Olympus we have versatile medical devices with the ability to treat approximately 100* diseases or conditions.
Cancers Treated
Olympus provides products/solutions for lung, stomach, colon, and prostate cancers— the 4 cancers with highest incidence1.**
Early Detection Helps Reduce Cost

There is an emerging need to create solutions and optimize procedures to treat disease states early, and keep patients out of the acute care setting. The need for effective medical solutions is growing rapidly, and we as an industry must act.

19.3 Million (2020) to 30.2 Million (2040)
Estimated increase in new cancer cases from 2020 to 20402
Colorectal Cancer burden expected to increase by 20303
60% increase
Early detection for Pancreatic Cancer is important. | LEARN MORE
Cost of COPD: Healthcare costs linked to COPD-related care shot up to a projected $49 billion dollars in 2020 – up 56% since 2010.(5) LEARN MORE

Improving screening and diagnostics offerings with decision-making tools enable an opportunity to help improve the patient care pathway, so that the right patients receive earlier screening, leading to earlier diagnosis and less invasive treatment.

By detecting problems early, patients may save on expensive ER visits, hospital admissions, and other preventable costs that can add up to thousands of dollars per year, even with healthcare coverage. For healthcare professionals, early detection has the potential to deliver better performance, increase efficiency in resource allocation, lower costs, and deliver new insights from the data accrued.

Together, we can see and treat more.

Through our in-depth business reviews, we can help you make the most out of your investment and
empower you to personalize your equipment purchases and budget planning for the future.

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Service and Support Centered Around You

Dedicated Support Beyond Products

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For over 100 years, Olympus has been pioneering innovative visualization technology and solutions with cutting-edge optics to make the previously invisible visible, and a long legacy of delivering minimally invasive “see and treat” therapies that help physicians accurately detect, diagnose, and treat patients.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic solutions serve a variety of medical specialties, including:

Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Solutions
Minimally Invasive
Therapeutic Solutions

These are the areas where we plan to focus our efforts to make the most difference in the care pathway journey, with innovations such as single-use endoscopes, digital endosuites, and endoluminal intervention coupled with autonomous capabilities. This will allow us to also focus on advanced AI-powered solutions and data-driven insights designed to transform patient care and improve clinical and procedural workflows.

Support That Empowers

The true value of Olympus equipment lies not in ownership, but in usage. At Olympus, our partnership doesn’t end after the product is shipped. We take great pride in our personal ongoing collaboration with customers, working closely with you to uncover opportunities and drive advancements.

Technician inspecting scope.
Service and Support

Built into every serviced product is a dedication to performance and support.

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Olympus® Systems Integration

Connect seamlessly with existing workflows to make it easy for clinicians, administrative professionals, purchasing personnel, IT staff, and biomedical technicians to share insight across the healthcare enterprise.

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Computer with health data.
Hospital staff listening.
Olympus Continuum®

A comprehensive platform of ongoing educational programs and training experiences is designed to help your staff perform at their best.

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Customized Financial Solutions

Unique to the industry, our flexible financial programs allow us to customize your financing to the size of your facility, the ways you use your equipment, and the products you use most.

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Man talking to doctor
Technician cleaning scope.
Infection Prevention

We are committed to helping you gain access to our most current advances in infection prevention – including endoscopy reprocessors, reprocessing chemicals, next-gen workflow systems, and more.

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Business Reviews

Olympus Business Reviews help you make the most out of your investment, and the most informed – and ultimately most effective – choices for your facility, staff, and patients.

Hospital staff reviewing scope images.
Olympus Clinical Services

Our dedicated team of clinical and technical service and support professionals are here to help you! This includes Clinical Nurse Educators, Clinical Endoscopy & Surgical Specialists, Clinical Application Specialists, and Professional Services.

Hospital staff talking
Olympus UNITE

Our Field Reimbursement managers can provide billing and coding guidance. We also offer a patient access program to provide case-specific support for all aspects of the reimbursement process.

At Olympus, our partnership doesn’t end after the product is shipped.

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Expanding to fulfill the continuum of care.

Strategic Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Alliances to strengthen our portfolio and accelerate our delivery of new innovations to those who need it most.

Olympus Partners

We’re with you every step of the way.

Contact us to discuss how the market conditions are affecting your specific health system, how we can help, and what we have changed as an organization for better long-term, valued partnerships.

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*As of March 2022 – Olympus Integrated Report 2022.

**Excluding breast cancer.

1. GLOBOCAN 2020. Top 4 highest incidence of cancers excluding breast cancer, as of March 2021.

2. GLOBOCAN 2020.

3. https://gut.bmj.com, Global patterns and trends in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality, Melina Arnold, Mónica S Sierra, Mathieu Laversanne, Isabelle Soerjomataram, Ahmedin Jemal, Freddie Bray.

4. American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures, 1999-2023.

5. www.cdc.gov/copd/infographics/copd-costs.html