The Right Scope, for the Right
Patient, in the Right Situation.
Introducing diagnostic and therapeutic tools designed to offer pulmonologists the option to choose.
The Right Scope

A hybrid approach lets you choose from a wide variety of reusable and single-use scopes for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The Right Patient

Every patient is different, and every treatment decision is based on unique clinical scenarios that demand options.

The Right Situation

From the bronchoscopy lab to the ICU, we recognize the need for options to deliver optimal respiratory care to your patients.

We heard your concerns.

The single-use bronchoscope market has been growing steadily, with COVID-19 accelerating adoption.1 In 2021 U.S. regulatory guidance was issued to healthcare facilities on single-use bronchoscopes.2 We saw five years of market growth occur in just two years.3

How will single-use bronchoscopes perform?

Customers don’t want to sacrifice the attributes of reusable bronchoscopes.

What are the cost implications?

Customers question if budgets could accommodate an exclusive single-use inventory.

What is the potential environmental impact?

Customers are faced with justifying the sustainability of an all single-use bronchoscope inventory.

A solution with common ground.

Olympus® Hybrid Bronchoscopy Solution is a complementary portfolio of reusable and single-use flexible bronchoscopes that can tackle almost any bronchoscopy procedure in most hospital settings. Together we can help you with a portfolio that meets your budget constraints and sustainability concerns.

It’s time to hybridize.

Find out how a hybrid bronchoscopy portfolio can help you balance patient needs and workflow demands.

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Choice Without Compromise

Our reusable bronchoscopes, which have been seen as a market leader by our customers for over 50 years,3 are now complemented with a single-use version to provide choice when deciding on which bronchoscope may be best for the patient and the hospital staff based on the regulatory recommendations and clinician preference.

Reusable Bronchoscopes

Olympus reusable bronchoscopes are designed with angulation and rotary features, coupled with Olympus’ imaging, to support diagnostic and therapeutic pulmonary procedures.

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Single-use Bronchoscopes

The single-use bronchoscope portfolio is designed to mimic some of the reusable bronchoscope features, adding single-use, on-demand sterile options to your inventory.

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Designs you can count on
across the hybrid portfolio.

Angulation in up/down direction is designed for maneuverability through the tracheobronchial tree.4,5

Metal Spine

A metal meshwork within the spine is designed for durability and strength.4,5

Multiple Sizes

The hybrid bronchoscope portfolio comes in a variety of sizes.

Rotary Function

Rotary function provides left/right movement.4,5

Passive Bending

Passive bending is designed for smooth bending to the contours of the lung.4,5

Beyond the Product

The true value of Olympus equipment lies not in ownership, but in usage. At Olympus, our partnership doesn’t end after the product is shipped. We take great pride in our personal ongoing collaboration with customers, working closely with you to uncover opportunities and drive advancements.

Technician inspecting scope.
Dedicated Service and Support

Built into every serviced product is a dedication to performance and support.

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Ongoing Educational Resources

A comprehensive platform of ongoing educational programs and training experiences is designed to help your staff perform at their best.

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Hospital staff listening.
Man talking to doctor
Customized Financial Programs

Our flexible financial programs allow us to customize your financing to the size of your facility, the ways you use your equipment, and the products you use most.

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Technician inspecting scope.
Hybrid Bronchoscopy: The Future is Present

Dr. Jason Akulian

Technician inspecting scope.
Hybrid Bronchoscopy Solution: Single-use and Reusable Bronchoscopes

Dr. George Cheng

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With the popularity of single-use medical devices on the rise, wouldn’t it be helpful to point to peer-reviewed, published user experience on key performance metrics?

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Let’s discuss Olympus’ solution designed to achieve equilibrium by meeting diagnostic and therapeutic patient needs and customer sustainability concerns with the right scope, for the right patient, in the right situation.

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Complications from bronchoscopy are rare and most often minor, but if they occur, may include breathing difficulty, vocal cord spasm, hoarseness, slight fever, vomiting, dizziness, bronchial spasm, infection, low blood oxygen, bleeding from biopsied site, or an allergic reaction to medications. Some patients may experience rare but more serious complications such as collapsed lung, respiratory failure, heart attack, and/or cardiac arrhythmia.

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