4K 3D Technology
Real-life Color Gamut & Depth Perception

Precise Images for Seeing More Anatomical Details and Tissue Structures

See anatomical details with four times the resolution of standard HD imaging while experiencing true depth perception with natural 3D visualization to reliably identify tissue boundaries, blood vessels and lesions via a larger color range.

Experience with the ORBEYE exoscope agile autofocus and optical and digital zoom — up to 26 times magnification, providing ample magnification flexibility.

Real-time Visualization
With Zero Delay

The ORBEYE exoscope offers no image latency — zero delay between the movement of your instruments and the 4K 3D image. Fast image processing achieves real-time visualization. ORBEYE’s powerful processing system produces zero delay between surgeon’s movements and 3D image on monitor, allowing for precise instrument placement and visualization.

4K 3D Imaging Chain

ORBEYE imaging components form a harmonious chain that are fine-tuned to deliver the best possible 4K 3D image. All of the components work together seamlessly to generate improved visibility. Each component, from the light up to the monitor, is built specifically and proprietarily for the ORBEYE exoscope and to produce end to end full 4K visualization.

55” Big Screen Monitor
Allows for an Immersive Team Experience

ORBEYE enables you to work side by side with your assistant in the same orientation, which optimizes the workflow for multiple surgeons. It ensures an immersive experience for the entire surgical team due to its big screen 4K 3D imaging, which facilitates teamwork, surgical training and better anticipation of the surgical steps by the team.