DualKnife™ Electrosurgical Knife


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DualKnife™ Electrosurgical Knife

The single-use Olympus DualKnife™ electrosurgical knife features an adjustable two-step knife length and a dome-shaped cutting section designed to simplify marking and enable incision and dissection in all directions. Distinct markers are visible on the sheath to provide endoscopic verification of cutting depth.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable knife length: The knife length can be precisely fixed at either of two positions—retracted or extended—eliminating the need to maintain the cutting wire length during the procedure.
  • Knob-shaped needle knife tip: The knob-shaped tip is designed to help make the needle knife less likely to slip, simplify marking, and increase scope maneuverability to allow for a wide range of cutting techniques.
  • Sheath markers: Distinct markers are visible on the sheath to provide endoscopic verification of cutting depth. From the cutting wire, the white and gray markings together measure 1.5 mm while the blue marker measures 1.0 mm.

Product Support

MODELS KD-650L / KD-650U
Channel Diameter: 2.8 mm 
Working Length: 165 cm / 230 cm
Cutting Knife Length: 2.0 mm / 1.5 mm
Tip Thickness: 0.3 mm

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