Distal Attachments

Distal Attachment

Distal Attachments

Single-use Olympus Distal Attachments are made of colorless transparent material to facilitate observation of tissue in a clear, unclouded field of view. The attachments are designed to retain a suitable distance between the distal tip of the scope and lumen, and a side hole allows fluid to drain to maintain a clear endoscopic view.

Key Benefits

  • Optimal field of view: By maintaining the appropriate distance between the endoscope tip and observation site, the distal attachment helps maintain the optimal field of view. The addition of a convenient side hole on the sleeve of the 4 mm working distance models ensures that any fluid inside can be drained at all times.
  • Rounded edge is easy on tissue: The edge of the distal attachment has a round shape to reduce damage to tissue.
  • Versatile lineup for OLYMPUS GI endoscopes: Ten different distal attachments are available, ensuring that you can find one to match the outer diameter of your OLYMPUS endoscope. 
  • Models dedicated to magnification endoscopes: Three of the distal attachment models are specifically designed for use with magnification endoscopes, making it easier to keep an image in focus and achieve correct depth of field.
  • Sterile, single-use, soft design

Product Support

Olympus Distal Attachments are available in a wide array of diameters and sizes and come sterile packaged with 10 per box.

For detailed specifications please contact customer service for assistance.

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