SnareMaster™ Snares


SnareMaster™ Snares

Single-use Olympus SnareMaster Snares are designed for easy insertion into the scope channel and provide a more tactile feel that may reduce the risk of cutting too quickly. The snares are available in four shapes and a range of sizes, including SnareMaster Soft, which features a softer, more pliable wire so less force may be needed to open and close the loop, and SnareMaster Spiral, the only spiral snare on the market, which is uniquely designed to deliver minimal slippage on the mucosa or a flat lesion.

Key Benefits

  • Controlled cutting: The SnareMaster Oval features a thicker diameter wire design to provide a slow and controlled cut.
  • Fast, clean cutting: The SnareMaster Crescent features the thinnest wire (0.3 mm) for fast, clean cutting.
  • Easy open/close loop: The SnareMaster Soft features a softer, more pliable wire so less force may be needed to open and close the loop.
  • Minimal slippage: The SnareMaster Spiral features a twisted wire designed to snag the mucosa and prevent slippage when a mucosal lesion is captured.

Product Support

Olympus SnareMaster Snares are available in four different shapes and a range of sizes.

For detailed specifications please contact customer service for assistance.

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