PKS PlasmaSpatula (952005PK)


PK Instruments

PKS PlasmaSpatula (952005PK)

The PKS PlasmaSpatula is a unique, multifunctional device with the ability to electrosurgically cut and coagulate for use in a variety of procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Multifunctional device: The PKS PlasmaSpatula precisely cuts, coagulates, and dissects.
  • Tip stays cool: The tip of the instrument stays cool to minimizes thermal spread.
  • Unique tip design: The instrument's angled tip and broad surface enhances procedural effectiveness.

Product Support

For use with PK G400 Generator only
952005PK*: PKS PlasmaSpatula, with cord, 5 mm, 33 cm
For use with PK SuperPulse Generator only
3200PK*: PKS PlasmaSpatula, 5 mm, 33 cm
3905: PK  reusable connector cable (5-pin)
* Supplied sterile, single-use, disposable

777000: G400 Generator with 9-pin inputs
744010: PK  footswitch
560085-002: Generator power cord
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable

744000: PK SuperPulse Generator 110 - 220 V, 60 Hz
744010: PK footswitch
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable
3900: PK reusable connector cable (3-pin)
3905: PK reusable connector cable (5-pin)
700000: PKS and G400 Generator cart

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