PK Technology G400 Generator (777000)

Advanced Energy

PK Technology G400 Generator (777000)

The PK Technology G400 Generator delivers a proprietary pulsed RF energy waveform. This allows creation of a broad range of tissue effects for a multitude of surgical applications, giving the surgeon optimal, precise control.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent tissue effect: The G400 Generator’s powerful, instant energy delivery provides complete and consistent tissue effect.
  • Effects based on tissue resistance: Advanced Bipolar PK Technology delivers a proprietary, pulsing ultra-low voltage (110 VRMS) and high-current RF energy waveform to create a broad range of tissue effects based on tissue resistance. Pulsed RF energy allows the tissue and device tip to cool during the “energy off” phase, minimizing sticking and charring.
  • Easy to use: “Plug-and-play” PK Technology instruments require little set up for operating room staff.

Product Support

777000: G400 Generator with 9-pin inputs
744010: PK  footswitch
560085-002: Generator power cord
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable
700000: PKS and G400 Generator cart


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