PKS PlasmaSORD (962000PK)



PKS PlasmaSORD (962000PK)

The PKS PlasmaSORD bipolar morcellator is the first completely bladeless solid organ removal device.

Please be advised that the PKS PlasmaSORD labeling has recently been revised to include the below information:

WARNING: Uterine tissue may contain unsuspected cancer. The use of laparoscopic power morcellators during fibroid surgery may spread cancer, and decrease the long-term survival of patients. This information should be shared with patients when considering surgery with the use of these devices.

CONTRAINDICATION: Laparoscopic power morcellators are contraindicated in gynecologic surgery in which the tissue to be morcellated is known or suspected to contain malignancy.

CONTRAINDICATION: Laparoscopic power morcellators are contraindicated for removal of uterine tissue containing suspected fibroids in patients who are:

  • peri- or post-menopausal, or
  • candidates for en bloc tissue removal, for example, through the vagina or via a mini-laparotomy incision.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient bipolar energy: Efficient bipolar energy to morcellate tissue instead of sharp, spinning blades.
  • Ergonomic design: A lightweight, ergonomic handle designed to reduce hand fatigue in prolonged cases.
  • Economical solution: Only one PKS PlasmaSORD device is required per case, thanks to its durable design.

Product Support

For use with PK G400 Generator only
962000PK: PKS PlasmaSORD, with cord

777000: G400 Generator with 9-pin inputs
744010: PK  footswitch
560085-002: Generator power cord
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable

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