Falope-Ring® Band Disposable Kit


Falope-Ring® Band Disposable Kit

The Falope-Ring® Band is an excellent choice for safe female sterilization. Its high success rate has
earned it worldwide acceptance. Falope-Ring® Band is an inert, radiopaque silicone band that is simply
applied to a looped section of the Fallopian tube with the Falope-Ring Band Applicator. The procedure
is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Falope-Ring® Band eliminates the risk of thermal injury
and data has shown a high potential for reversibility. The Disposable Falope-Ring® Band Kit provides
an easy-to-use one-time applicator along with the necessary materials needed for the procedure.

Key Benefits

Effective Sterilization Procedure:
  • Reliable method of tubal occlusion compared with other sterilization methods
  • Clinically proven success over time
High Potential for Reversibility:
  • Increased pregnancy rates following patient-requested tubal anastomosis due to less tubal destruction at time of sterilization compared with monopolar cautery
Dual-Incision Disposable Kits:
  • The Falope-Ring® Band system is available in a dual-incision disposable kit with pre-mounted ring bands. The disposable applicator eliminates assembly and disassembly, cleaning, sterilization and repair.

Product Support

One convenient disposable kit includes:
  • One 8 mm applicator
  • Two dilators each with a pre-mounted ring band
  • Two guides to load the bands onto the applicator
  • One 5 mm reducer cap to allow insertion of 5 mm instruments while maintaining pneumoperitoneum
  • Two kit options, with or without 8 mm trocar/cannula