Accessory Solutions

Our accessories are developed to be easy to use while delivering optimal performance and quality. Whether it is a monitor with outstanding image quality, a high-definition quality printer, or a workstation with easy maneuverability, Olympus accessories will help you take endoscopy to the next level.

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Featured Products


The OEV-262H 26-inch LCD monitor with LED backlighting for an optimal viewing experience with the Olympus endoscopy system.


The Olympus KV-6 was designed specifically for endoscopic and surgical suction; simple and easy to operate.


The UCR utilizes CO2’s ability to minimize luminal distention and features easy operation, a selectable flow rate and a compact design.


The powerful, yet controllable OFP-2 peristaltic flushing pump is designed to irrigate fluid down either the instrumentation or auxiliary water channel of Olympus endoscopes.


With advanced color reproduction capabilities, the OEP-6 high-definition printer delivers superb prints that align with Olympus’s commitment to high-quality imaging.


The WM-NP3 has been designed specifically to support and add value to Olympus’s current and future imaging systems. It features an increased loading capacity, takes up less floor space and supports an expanded range of accessories, making it a valuable successor to the WM-NP2. Olympus workstations have been rigorously tested to ensure they perform time after time.