Flushing Pump


The Olympus OFP-2 pump delivers power and control that can irrigate fluid via either the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes. This allows the washing of gastric and colonic mucosa during procedures for improved images. It can also rapidly fill organs with fluid, allowing endoscopic ultrasound. For optimal performance of your OFP-2 pump, use the MAJ-1651 and MAJ-1652 or Olympus Hybrid Tube.

Key Benefits

  • Irrigation via the instrument or water channel: The OFP-2 can irrigate fluid via the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes, allowing gastric and colonic mucosa to be washed during procedures.
  • Powerful and controlled flow rate: A powerful flow allows organic material to be washed away efficiently while precise microprocessor controls prevent over pressurization of endoscopes.
  • Rapid fluid filling for EUS: The OFP-2 is able to rapidly fill organs with fluid, allowing endoscopic ultrasound procedures to be performed.
  • Remote control or foot switch operation: The OFP-2 can be controlled via a remote control or a foot switch, allowing the user to choose the method that suits the procedure best.

Product Support

Instrument Channel Compatibility:
Flushing via the instrument channel with a high flow rate allows rapid clearing of large amounts of debris in insufficiently prepared patients undergoing colonoscopy or to rapidly fill organs for efficient EUS for improved images.

Auxiliary Water Channel Compatibility:
Flushing through the auxiliary water channel allows accurate cleaning and flushing of the visual field without occupying the instrument channel. This allows a clear view during hemostasis without requiring removal of the endoscopic device.

Sterile Consumables:
The consumables for the pump are sterile and do no require processing before use. Instrument channel consumables are for single-patient use, and auxiliary channel consumables are for one day's use for added cost effectiveness.

Standby Mode:
Automatically selected when the pump head is opened, the standby mode allows safe exchange of water channel tubes without operating the main switch.

20-Second Cutoff Timer:
The timer automatically cuts off flow after 20 seconds, ensuring a patient is not accidentally overfilled with fluid or insufflated when the water container is empty.

Reverse Pumping:
Once the foot switch it released, the pump head runs in reverse a number of times, reducing pressure in the tubes and allowing more accurate flow control.

User-Friendly Features:
A bright LED display allow easy operation of the pump even a darkened room, and flat-panel touch buttons enable efficient cleaning.

OFP-2 Tubing, Connectors and Accessories:

Category Catalog number Description Quantity
Hybrid Tubing Solution MAJ-2207 Irrigation Tubing with CO2 Cap A - single-day use 10
MAJ-2209 Irrigation Tubing with Air Cap A - single-day use 10
K10037012 CO2 Source Tube - single-day use 40
K10037009 CO2 Source Adaptor – low level disinfection 1
Disposable solution for Auxiliary Channel MAJ-1651 Water tube, single-day use 10
MAJ-1652 Adapter, single-patient use 100
Instrument channel disposable Solutions K10007072 MAJ-1606, adapter, single-patient use 100
K10016091 MAJ-1606, adapter, single-patient use 10
K10001146 MAJ-1607, water tube, single-patient use 50
K10016136 MAJ-1607, water tube, single-patient use 10
Disposable/reusable solution for Auxiliary Channel K10001147 MAJ-1608, water tube, single-day use 50
K10016135 MAJ-1608, water tube, single-day use 10
MAJ-855 MAJ-855 reusable auxiliary water tube 1
OFP-2 accessories MAJ-920 Remote control cable 1
MAJ-1603 Water container 2 L, autoclavable 1
K10011134 Annual replacement pump head 1

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