ScopeLocker with HEPA

ScopeLocker with HEPA

Keep endoscopes clean, dry and protected.

Implementing a controlled storage solution plays a critical role in infection prevention and endoscope protection. ScopeLocker with HEPA helps prevent recontamination during storage by continually blowing fresh, HEPA-filtered air around your endoscopes.

Meet Society Guidelines

ScopeLocker with HEPA meets society guidelines for endoscope storage.

AORN recommends that endoscopes should be hung vertically with the distal tip hanging freely in a well-ventilated, clean area, following the endoscope manufacturer’s written IFU for storage. (10.1.) 1

SGNA indicates that endoscopes must be stored in an area that is clean, well-ventilated and dust-free in order to keep the endoscopes dry and free of microbial contamination. (pg 25) 2

Keep Endoscopes Dry

ScopeLocker with HEPA promotes infection control by:

  • Creating positive pressure inside the storage cabinet
  • Keeping the outside of the endoscopes dry with a built-in fan that circulates air
  • Promoting vertical hanging which allows moisture to drain from endoscope channels
  • Replacing cabinet air every 2 minutes with HEPA-filtered ambient air

The CDC states that keeping stored endoscopes dry significantly reduces the chance of recontamination by microorganisms that can proliferate in any remaining water droplets. 3

Reduce Recontamination During Storage

The MASS truHEPA™ captures 99.97% of particulates in a .3 micron filter, removing potential contaminants from the storage cabinet – keeping them away from your endoscopes. Scope holders are free from welds, glues or cavities that could promote bacterial growth.

AORN’s guidelines state that the use of HEPA filters can help prevent bacterial growth in stored flexible endoscopes.4

Easily Hang and Remove Scopes

ScopeLocker with HEPA makes loading and accessing scopes easier, safer and more secure with:

  • Rotating front holders that provide easy access to endoscopes
  • A Secure-A-Scope System specially designed to protect endoscope heads while separating scopes
  • Specialized holders designed for EUS scopes
Rotating Endoscope Storage Hooks
Rotating Endoscope Storage Hooks
Rotating Endoscope Storage Hooks
Hinged Glass Door
Hinged Glass Door
Roll Top Door
Roll Top Door

Select the Storage Cabinet that Meets Your Needs

ScopeLocker with HEPA:

  • Accommodates up to 4, 8, 9 or 18 scopes
  • Offers short and standard cabinet models
  • Provides powder coated steel, stainless steel and wood laminate options
  • Provides hinged door and roll top cabinet options


The following accessories are available to help secure your endoscopes and monitor your storage environment:

  • EUS hangers to support EUS scopes
  • Keyless entry locks to provide added security
  • LED lighting for easy endoscope identification
  • Hygrometer gauge for temperature and humidity monitoring
EUS hangers
EUS hangers
Hygrometer gauge
Hygrometer gauge
Keyless entry locks
Keyless entry locks


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*Manufactured exclusively for Olympus Scopes by our partner MASS™ Medical Storage

1. AORN Guideline For Processing Flexible Endoscopes -Revised February 2016 for publication in Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, 2016 edition.

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