Our commitment to Endoscopy

Giving you the tools you need to stay at the forefront of your field—and help patients live longer, healthier lives.

Bringing You Full Circle
with Innovation Every Step of the Way.

Olympus’ commitment to the field of endoscopy means giving you the tools you need to stay at the forefront of your field—and help patients live longer, healthier lives. Our products and technologies allow today’s most advanced endoscopy. Our programs and services create partnerships that extend well beyond the development and sale of our products. Our people provide an unparalleled level of collaboration and support.

We bring you full circle with innovation every step of the way, empowering you to provide the highest level of care.

Procedures & Products

Olympus actively collaborates with you to better understand the full breadth of your procedural expectations, both today and moving forward. The vision and perspective we gain from this partnership guides the development of products and technologies that push the boundaries of endoscopic possibility.

What really makes us different are the ways we establish full-circle partnerships with every one of our customers.

We work tirelessly to make our equipment easier and safer to use, increase the quality of our imagery, and stay ahead of the curve in terms of new technologies. Our ultimate goal is always the same: meeting the needs of today’s most challenging endoscopic procedures and helping you uphold your standards of care.

Explore Products

We actively collaborate with you to better understand the full breadth of your procedural expectations.


Olympus’ long tradition of balancing innovative products and technologies with a full spectrum of service and support programs gives you the resources you need to confidently care for your patients.

Innovation in endoscopy means creating something new that will make a positive, lasting impact on people around the world.

We offer flexible, customized financing options that keep you on the cutting edge of technology. We perform extensive data generation to measure the efficacy and safety of our products. We maintain a seamless partnership between sales, service, and repair in order to maximize uptime. And we devote substantial resources to professional education, ensuring that you have access to the very best training resources.

Financial Services
Creating cost-effective ways for you to maximize the value of our products and technology.
Service & Repair
Our ultimate goal is to minimize repair and maximize uptime by working with you and your team to support best practice care and handling techniques.
Olympus Continuum
Designed to help you broaden your clinical expertise and enhance your procedural skills.
Professional Services
Comprised of Registered Nurses and Data Analysts that help our sales force deliver effective and compelling decision-making sales tools.
Image Management
Capturing, accessing, and analyzing patient data, clinical exam data, and endoscopic video and imagery is intuitive, easy, and seamless.
The medical industry’s first enterprise telecollaboration solution that enables teams to connect and collaborate from anywhere at any time.
Enhancing your situational awareness and improving productivity, making procedural setup easy, and building patient safety into your workflow.
Delivering today’s most advanced imaging and therapeutic equipment while maximizing workflow and reducing the risk of infection.
Certified Pre-owned
Allowing you to deliver the care your patients expect with equipment you can count on.

Olympus combines our innovative capabilities in endoscopic technology with your unique skill sets to help improve clinical outcomes, reduce operating costs, and enhance patient quality of life. At every stage of this partnership, we have someone in place to make sure that you are making the most of your equipment, experience, and investment

We continue to make sure that your needs and your patients are the driving force behind all of our decisions.

Our support teams ensure that you have the tools you need to provide lifesaving care to your patients. Whether on our capital, device, or service side, we are one group of people working toward one goal. It’s a level of collaboration that’s truly unique in today’s marketplace. It’s what allows us to keep moving forward as we maintain a synergistic approach to endoscopy and patient-centric care.

Clinical Endoscopy Specialists
The CES mission is to positively influence the procedure while making sure that you are using your equipment to its fullest potential.
Endoscopy Account Managers
EAMs are experts in the way Olympus products work, the way they are used, and the disease states they are used to diagnose and treat.
EndoTherapy Territory Managers
ETMs lead ongoing product training sessions and in-servicing of all EndoTherapy products both during procedures and in between cases.
Field Service Engineers
The goal of every FSE is maximizing your uptime so you can keep patient care on track and at an exceptional level.
Endoscopy Support Specialists
Every ESS effort helps enhance the performance and value of your Olympus endoscopy equipment.
Technical Assistance Specialists
TAS’s are with you every step of the way—from product installation to daily operation—to keep your equipment running smoothly every day.
Customer Service Representatives
Calls and requests are handled quickly and efficiently, with an emphasis on keeping you and your team performing at maximum efficiency.
Clinical Application Specialists
The CAS’s goal is to help you achieve success with Olympus EUS products, allowing you to effectively reach your goals.
Innovation Every Step of the Way

Building on a long legacy of innovation, Olympus provides healthcare facilities around the world with the tools and technologies that allow today’s most advanced endoscopy. Through a full circle of service and support, ongoing education and training, and flexible financing, we give you the confidence you need to help patients live better lives.

For more information on Olympus’ full-circle approach to next-generation endoscopy, schedule a free consultation with Olympus.