TriangleTipKnife J

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TriangleTipKnife J

TriangleTipKnife J was specifically designed for more complex ESD techniques and advanced POEM procedures, the new TriangleTipKnife J features a thinner, more compact tip and a new jet function eliminating the need for device exchange. 

Key Benefits

  • Submucosal Injection - Addition of a new jet function lets you perform saline injection after cutting - without switching devices.
  • Versatile Design - From marking to dissection, the triangular shape of the tip is designed to address multiple stages of the procedure.
  • Unique Triangular Tip Design - Thinner and more compact triangular tip design helps you to perform accurate and efficient cutting and coagulation by using high voltage modes such as spray coagulation.
  • Spray Coag Compatibility - This is the first ESD and POEM device compatible with the high-voltage Spray Coag mode, supporting effective dissection

Product Support

Product Number: KD-645L
Maximum Insertion Portion Diamter: 2.8 mm
Working Length: 1650 mm
Cutting Knife Length Extended: 4.5 mm
Sterile, single-use: Yes
Built-in Handle: Yes