PKS SEAL Open Forceps (915000PK)


PK Instruments

PKS SEAL Open Forceps (915000PK)

The PKS SEAL Open Forceps effectively coagulates the targeted vessel providing an even, uniform seal with enhanced hemostasis.

Key Benefits

  • Seals without sutures: The forceps effectively seals vessels up to 7 mm, virtually eliminating the need for sutures and staples.
  • Low profile design: The forceps shape improves access to tight working spaces.
  • Protection from unintended thermal effect: A non-conductive outer jaw coating protects adjacent tissue during thermal delivery.

Product Support

For use with PK G400 Generator only
915000PK*: PKS SEAL Open Forceps, curved Jaw, with cord, 25 cm
For use with PK SuperPulse Generator only
3103PK*: PKS SEAL Open Forceps, curved Jaw, 25 cm
3900: PK reusable connector cable (3-pin)
* Supplied sterile, single-use, disposable

777000: G400 Generator with 9-pin inputs
744010: PK  footswitch
560085-002: Generator power cord
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable
700000: PKS and G400 Generator cart

744000: PK SuperPulse Generator 110 - 220 V, 60 Hz
744010: PK footswitch
710003: Dual footswitch connector cable
3900: PK reusable connector cable (3-pin)
3905: PK reusable connector cable (5-pin)

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