HookKnife J

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HookKnife J

The HookKnife’s rotatable, L-shaped hook allows for cutting in horizontal and vertical directions. It can be used for both incisions and dissections, and it is ideal for cutting fibrous tissue.  

Key Benefits

  • Submucosal Injection - The addition of a new jet function lets you perform saline injection after cutting – without changing devices.
  • Distal L-Shaped Hook - Ideal for hooking tissue and pulling it away from the mucosa and proper muscle layer, even from a perpendicular direction.
  • Rotation and Lock Function - Rotatable when the handle is moved slightly back. Locked when the handle is maximally extended

Product Support

Product Number Quantity Min. Working Channel Working Length Cutting Knife Length Extended Length of Hook
KD-625LR12.8 mm1650 mm4.5 mm1.3 mm
KD-625UR12.8 mm2300 mm4.5 mm1.3 mm