Advancing Visualization

with HDTV for clearer, brighter imaging.


The brighter, crystal clear images delivered by true HDTV enable more detailed observation of bronchial surfaces during bronchoscopy (available in BF-H190 and BF-1TH190 bronchoscopes).

Electronic Magnification

Close-up observation of bronchial surfaces is readily available with 1.2 x and 1.5 x electronic magnification.

Improved Image

Advanced Olympus optics, improved chip sensors, and the new image processor deliver clear, high-resolution images with reduced halation and image noise.

Brighter Narrow Band Imaging

Now significantly brighter compared to previous generation scopes, NBI provides twice the viewable distance for enhanced visualization of vascular structures and mucosal morphology.

Pre-Freeze Function

EVIS EXERA III dramatically increases the sharpness and clarity of still-image captures. The CV-190 processor continuously saves procedural images into memory so that when a still image is captured, the CV-190 automatically selects and saves the sharpest image of that view.