Digital Video Monitor (DVM-B2*)

Single-Use Bronchoscope and Single-Use Rhinolaryngoscope

Digital Video Monitor (DVM-B2*)

The Digital Video Monitor (DVM-B2) is a portable, all-in-one video processor and HD monitor exclusively compatible with H-SteriScope™ Single-use Flexible Bronchoscopes* and E-SteriScope™ Single-use Flexible Rhinolaryngoscopes*.

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Key Benefits

  • Portable and lightweight (2.14kg) with over 4 hours of battery life, enables easy transport and storage.
  • Connectivity ports for HDMI, USB, and ethernet outputs for hospital EMR and external monitors​
  • 12.1” Integrated touch-screen with 1280x800 display​
  • Adjustable imaging settings based on user preference ​
  • 64 GB of memory for image and video capture​
  • Indications for use across multiple specialties (ENT and Respiratory)
  • Built-in kickstand and optional IV pole mount for flexible display options

Product Support

All-in-one portable video processor and HD monitor with kickstand
12.1” HD Monitor
4.4 hours of battery life
64 GB of internal memory

* Manufactured by Hunan Vathin Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., distributed by Olympus America Inc.

SteriScope™ is a trademark of Hunan Vathin Medical Instruments Co., Ltd