H-SteriScope™ Single-use Bronchoscope


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H-SteriScope™ Single-use Bronchoscope

The H-SteriScope™ single-use bronchoscope portfolio delivers on-demand convenience along with premium features to enable advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the bronchoscopy suite, the OR, or anywhere in the hospital environment.

Key Benefits

  • Rotary Function: An insertion tube rotation of up to 90° left and right may provide additional operator control and supports easy insertion and positioning of endoscopic devices.
  • Tip Angulation: The wide angulation range of 210° up and down can be maintained even when an endoscopic device is inserted, making it easy to access targets within the tracheal-bronchial tree.
  • Versatility: With premium features and enhanced functionality, H-SteriScopes can be used in a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. They provide the portability to perform procedures confidently anywhere, anytime.
  • Convenience: These sterile-packaged bronchoscopes are ready for use whenever they are needed and never require reprocessing or repair. This easy access may save facilities time and resources as well as reduce procedure delays or cancelations.
  • Efficiency: The H-SteriScope portfolio offers a wide range of best-in-class, single-use diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopes to fulfill a variety of clinical needs. The diversity of the portfolio may help facilities optimize their efficiency by maximizing workflow and productivity.

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Product Support

H-SteriScope™ Extra Large Normal Slim Zero
Model Number BCV1-W2 BCV1-S2 BCV1-M2 BCV1-C2 BCV1-02
Distal End Diameter (mm) 6.5 5.7 4.8 3.3 2.3
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter (mm) 6.2 5.8 4.9 3.2 2.2
Working Channel (mm) 3.2 2.8 2.2 1.2 -
Angulation Range 210° up, 210° down 210° up, 210° down 210° up, 210° down 210° up, 210° down 210° up, 210° down
Rotation Range 90° left, 90° right 90° left, 90° right 90° left, 90° right 90° left, 90° right 90° left, 90° right

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