CELERIS Disposable Sinus Debrider


CELERIS Disposable Sinus Debrider

The CELERIS single-use microdebrider is designed for ENTs who want the power and resection efficiency of a traditional sinus debrider in a convenient single-use solution, without compromising performance or quality. As reprocessing is not required for a single use device, CELERIS helps to improve patient outcomes by reducing infection risk due to improper cleaning and offering a bipolar energy option to manage incidental bleeding.  ENTs benefit from improved efficiency and turnover with a procedure-optimized blade, while the user-bendable blade option is able to access different sinuses without the need for multiple tips.

Key Benefits

  • Bipolar energy at device tip allows ENT to manage incidental bleeding with cauterization (if needed)
  • Malleable blade option (up to 60 degrees) is able to access different sinuses without using multiple blades, saving cost and time
  • Fully disposable all-in-one handpiece eliminates the need for reprocessing or repairs, eliminates staff disruption, reprocessing wait times, and reduces risk of infection from improper cleaning as single use devices do not require reprocessing.  
  • Indications for Turbinates/Sub-Mucosal Resection (2mm blade) and Polypectomy and FESS (4mm)     

Product Support

Part Number Description
DSD4000BA CELERIS Disposable Debrider, 4mm Straight, Bipolar Type A
DSD4000SA CELERIS Disposable Debrider, 4mm Straight, Standard Type A
DSD2000BA CELERIS Disposable Debrider, 2mm Straight, Bipolar Type A
DSD40MMSC CELERIS Disposable Debrider, 4mm Malleable, Standard Serrated
DSDPP100 CELERIS Disposable Sinus Debrider, Reusable Power Pack

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