EBUS-TBNA uses a bronchoscope equipped with ultrasound capabilities (BF-UC180F) to “see” beyond the walls of the airways to detect in real time the precise location of lymph nodes. According to the 2013 ACCP guidelines on lung cancer diagnosis and management, EBUS-TBNA is recommended over surgical staging (mediastinoscopy) as a best first test.*

Proven Results
With more than 1,600 clinical studies using the Olympus EBUS Solution, EBUS-TBNA has proven to provide higher diagnostic yield with greater sensitivity and specificity in lymph nodes ≥5 mm.** The broad line of ViziShot and ViziShot 2 EBUS-TBNA needles have been used in countless procedures since Olympus first introduced EBUS-TBNA to the market more than 15 years ago. Their design has been proven to produce consistent results with a diagnostic yield above 90%.

Olympus continues to advance patient with the launch of the BF-UC190F, the third generation of the reliable Olympus EBUS-TBNA bronchoscope. It enables enhanced access and control to allow staging and diagnosis of even difficult-to-reach lymph nodes and lesions.***

Superior Accuracy and Precision
The advanced real-time technology of Olympus EBUS allows more direct, accurate and efficient sampling, with better access to more nodal stations and smaller size lymph nodes.**

Real-time Sampling
High-resolution, real-time ultrasound imaging enables direct visualization of the EBUS-TBNA needle as it penetrates the lymph node. This facilitates correct capsule-to-capsule technique, which helps to optimize sample collection.

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