HANAROSTENT® Esophagus Through-the-Scope (TTS)

Metal Stent

HANAROSTENT® Esophagus Through-the-Scope (TTS)

Olympus offers a lineup of self-expanding metal stents to help achieve luminal patency in a variety of clinical applications. With a unique braiding design, the HANAROSTENT® provides an ideal balance of radial and axial force, allowing for the flexibility to conform to a patient’s anatomy and precisely target their stricture. 
Unlike over-the-wire esophageal stents, the 10.5F HANAROSTENT Esophagus TTS allows for accurate and easy esophageal stenting under direct scope endoscopic visualization. 
HANAROSTENT® Esophagus TTS is offered in fully covered (ECBA series) or partially covered (EPBA) stent options.
Through-the-scope delivery system is compatible with a 0.035” or 0.038” guidewire.
The HANAROSTENT® Esophagus TTS (CCC) and HANAROSTENT® Esophagus TTS (NCN) are intended for maintaining esophageal luminal patency in esophageal luminal patency in esophageal strictures caused by intrinsic and/or extrinsic malignant tumors and occlusion of concurrent esophageal fistulas.
  • Strictures that cannot be dilated enough to pass the delivery device
  • Chronically bleeding tumors if bleeding is active at the time of placement
  • Patients for whom the endoscopic treatments are contraindicated
  • Multiple sites of obstruction
  • Standard endoscopy contraindications
  • Strictures caused by benign tumors
  • Strictures that do not allow passage of a guidewire
  • Any use other than those mentioned in the IFU (Instructions for Use) 

Key Benefits

  • Unique Wire Structure - Hook-cross nitinol design provides optimal radial and axial force aimed to minimize the impact of retrosternal pressure.
  • Anti-Migration - Defined dumbbell heads on both ends designed to assist with anti-migration, as well as a proximal lasso to help with re-positioning.
  • Direct Visualization - 10.5F catheter to allow for through-the-scope visibility to aid in positioning and deployment.

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