VisiGlide 2 Guidewires


ERCP Guidewire

VisiGlide 2 Guidewires

Designed for use in endoscopic treatment of the biliary and pancreatic ducts, the enhanced tip flexibility of VisiGlide 2 makes it ideal for difficult cannulations and tight anatomy. Coupled with the same high-performance hydrophilic coating of its predecessor, the optimal tip flexibility of VisGlide 2 affords smooth ductal navigation, reducing risk of tissue trauma, and making it an excellent choice for pancreatic anatomy. Beyond the tip, the body of the 0.025 inch VisiGlide 2 provides the same stiffness as a traditional 0.035 inch guidewire, just like its predecessor.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Navigability: The enhanced tip flexibility of VisiGlide 2 paired with Terumo’s GLIDEWIRE® coating provides excellent navigation for tight ductal anatomy such as strictures and pancreatic ducts.
  • Soft Tissue Contact:  Designed to be atraumatic to sensitive anatomy such as the pancreas, VisiGlide 2 has a tapered core wire at the distal tip providing optimal flexibility and soft tissue contact.
  • Torque Control:  Selective duct insertion and driveability is provided by excellent torque control as well as a tapered hydrophilic tip.  This feature is especially prominent in the angled tip version allowing precise control during delicate procedures.


Product Support

Outer Diameters: 0.025, 0.035 in
Working Lengths: 270, 450 cm
Tip Shapes: Straight, angled
Package: 1 per box, sterile
Use: Single Use

For detailed specifications please contact customer service for assistance.