Foreign Body Retrieval Devices


Foreign Body Retrieval Devices

Olympus offers an extensive line of Olympus foreign body retrieval devices for virtually every clinical situation. The full array of Olympus grasping baskets and forceps are available in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Alligator Jaw forceps for small objects
  • Rubber Tip forceps for sharp objects
  • Shark Tooth grasping jaws for flat objects
  • V-Shape forceps with two flat arms for flat objects
  • Retrieval baskets for round, slippery objects
  • Rat Tooth grasping forceps for soft or flat objects
  • Rat Tooth Alligator Jaw forceps offering a rotatable design for small, soft, or flat objects
  • Tripod forceps with wide opening prongs and ring distal tips for grasping

Product Support

Clinical Applications Product Codes  
Soft or Flat Objects FG-54D 1.2 mm
Round, Slippery Objects FG-51D, FG-52D 1.2 mm
Sharp or Flat Objects (nails, needles, pins, and blades) FG-20P-1 2.0 mm
Flat Objects (coins, dentures, and jewelry) FG-32C-1, FG-26C-1 2.6 mm - 2.8 mm
Flat Arm Forceps for Flat Objects FG-25C-1 2.6 mm 

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