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Mechanically Enhanced Colonoscopy
Master the art of unfolding.

ENDOCUFF VISION is a device attached to the distal end of a colonoscope, designed to maintain and maximize the viewable mucosa during endocosopic therapy by manipulating colonic folds.  A single row of flexible arms evert and flatten folds to provide an enhanced view of the entire colon. Additionally arms of the ENDOCUFF VISION help prevent slippage during withdrawal, stabilize the scope tip during examination and polypectomy, and reduce difficulties associated with looping.

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Key Benefits

Improved Control 
  • Anchors endoscope tip in the lumen during examination and polypectomy. 
  • Reduces slippage and minimizes difficulties associated with looping. 
Improved Application 
  • Hard plastic body and firm, dry grip on the scope prevent dislodgement and protect distal tip of the colonoscope. 
  • Hinged arms fit seamlessly into device to create a low-profile design. 
Improved Design 
  • The proprietary hinged design allows the arms to fall flat against the scope for smooth forward movement during intubation. 
Improved Visualization 
  • Upon withdrawal, the uniquely hinged arms expand to gently flatten large mucosal folds, bringing difficult-to-see areas into view. 
  • Soft, flexible arms provide the right amount of force to be effective without causing mucosal trauma.

Product Support

Single use, mechanically enhanced colonoscopy accessory.

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