Electrocautery Devices

Electrocautery Devices


Electrocautery Devices

Olympus offers a unique range of electrocautery devices designed to cut, coagulate, resect, and retrieve. Olympus electrocautery devices include electrodes, knives, snares, and hot biopsy forceps as well as electrocautery accessories.

Key Benefits

  • Reusable coagulation electrode: The Olympus coagulation electrode is designed for cauterization of lesions, control of bleeding, and tumor ablation.
  • Reusable electrosurgical knife: The Olympus electrosurgical knife is ideal for dissecting scar tissue and tissue resection in narrow lumens.
  • Reusable electrosurgical snares: These Olympus snares are designed for effective and fast tumor resection.
  • Reusable hot biopsy forceps: Olympus hot biopsy forceps allow fast, efficient collection of tissue and ablation of lesions.

Product Support

Product Description Product Codes Scope Channel Measurement
Reusable Coagulation Electrode CD-6C-1.B 2.0 mm  
Reusable Hot Biopsy Forceps FD-6C-1.B/FD-7C-1.B 2.0 mm - 2.6 mm Multiple (please refer to catalog)
Reusable Electrocautery Knife KD-31C-1.B 2.0 mm 5.0 mm knife length
Reusable Electrocautery Snare SD-7C-1.B/SD-18C-1.B 2.0 mm Multiple (please refer to catalog)
Reusable Electrocautery Handle MH-264    
Active Cord for Olympus Electrocautery Units MH-969    
Active Cord for Non-Olympus Electrocautery Units MAJ-860    

Olympus Training & Proper Use

Olympus offers a variety of educational opportunities for medical and surgical healthcare professionals. 

Peer-To-Peer Training

Our Professional Education Program provides multiple types of peer-to-peer training in order to meet the specific educational needs of physicians and nurses focused on the safe and effective use of Olympus products.

Olympus University

Olympus Professional Education also offers training programs through Olympus University (OU). Geared toward nurses, reprocessing technicians and biomeds, many of the OU courses are available for nursing contact hour continuing education credit.

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