Electrocautery Devices

Electrocautery Devices


Electrocautery Devices

Olympus offers a unique range of electrocautery devices designed to cut, coagulate, resect, and retrieve. Olympus electrocautery devices include electrodes, knives, snares, and hot biopsy forceps as well as electrocautery accessories.

Key Benefits

  • Reusable coagulation electrode: The Olympus coagulation electrode is designed for cauterization of lesions, control of bleeding, and tumor ablation.
  • Reusable electrosurgical knife: The Olympus electrosurgical knife is ideal for dissecting scar tissue and tissue resection in narrow lumens.
  • Reusable electrosurgical snares: These Olympus snares are designed for effective and fast tumor resection.
  • Reusable hot biopsy forceps: Olympus hot biopsy forceps allow fast, efficient collection of tissue and ablation of lesions.

Product Support

Product Description Product Codes Scope Channel Measurement
Reusable Coagulation Electrode CD-6C-1.B 2.0 mm  
Reusable Hot Biopsy Forceps FD-6C-1.B/FD-7C-1.B 2.0 mm - 2.6 mm Multiple (please refer to catalog)
Reusable Electrocautery Knife KD-31C-1.B 2.0 mm 5.0 mm knife length
Reusable Electrocautery Snare SD-7C-1.B/SD-18C-1.B 2.0 mm Multiple (please refer to catalog)
Reusable Electrocautery Handle MH-264    
Active Cord for Olympus Electrocautery Units MH-969    
Active Cord for Non-Olympus Electrocautery Units MAJ-860    

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