Balloon Control Unit (OBCU)

Balloon Control

Balloon Control Unit (OBCU)

As part of the innovative Olympus Single Balloon Enteroscope (SBE) System, the Olympus OBCU balloon control unit greatly simplifies enteroscopy procedures by placing a single balloon on the splinting tube instead of having a second balloon on the scope. Setup requires only a simple connection to the overtube, and one touch of the control button (via front panel or remote controls) operates the balloon inflation/deflation. Equipped with an automatic pressure control function, the OBCU ensures balloon pressure is maintained within a prescribed range for safety and convenience.

Key Benefits

  • Dependable pressure control: An automatic pressure control function ensures maximum reliability and safety.
  • Simple configuration: The simple design of the OBCU ensures easy set up and operation.
  • Convenient control: Operation of the OBCU is possible using the front panel controls or via a compact remote control.

Product Support

Power: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumption Electric Power: 150 VA
Set Pressure of Balloon: 5.4 kPa (+2.6kPA -0.0kPa)
Size (WxHxD): 374 x 151 x 486 mm
Weight:11 kg (Balloon Control Unit), 0.4 kg (OBCU Remote Controller)

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