CleverLock Guidewire Locking Device and Biopsy Cap

Guidewire Locking Device

CleverLock Guidewire Locking Device and Biopsy Cap

CleverLock is a combination guidewire locking device and biopsy valve that securely locks multiple guidewires with a simple, stable design. The interface is optimized for Olympus endoscopes, creating seamless integration between the endoscope and Olympus EndoTherapy devices.

Key Benefits

  • Versatility in Design: Securely lock up to 3 guidewires (0.018" - 0.035") promoting easy guidewire identification and keeping guidewires in convenient positioning for procedural efficiency.
  • Independent Guidewire Locking: Unlock guidewires independently from each other in cases where multiple guidewires are used.
  • Click to Lock: Audible and tactile feedback instill confidence that the guidewire is securely locked.
  • Integrated Biopsy Valve: Integrated seal allows for smooth device exchange while preventing air/bile leakage. 
  • Stable Fit: Preassembled lock and biopsy valve fit to scope in one orientation and do not obstruct hands during device exchanges.

Product Support

Compatible Guidewires: 0.018" - 0.035"
Number of Guidewire Locking Positions: 3
Compatible Duodenoscopes: Olympus
Package: 10 per box, sterile
Use: Single Use