Olympus Announces Full Market Availability of Redesigned Energy Platform

The ESG-410™ Surgical Energy Platform, the Heart of Every Procedure, Positions Olympus as a Comprehensive Energy Solution Provider

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., (January 24, 2024) – Olympus Corporation, a global medical technology company committed to making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, announced today full market availability of its new ESG-410™ Surgical Energy Platform for conventional monopolar and bipolar, advanced energy applications now including ultrasonic dissection and hybrid energy.

The new ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform will be on display Jan. 27-29 during the annual meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) in San Antonio, TX.

The ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform delivers a comprehensive energy solution with applications across numerous specialties such as general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, and gynecology. This latest version has been upgraded to enable the use of THUNDERBEAT™ devices and SONICBEAT™ devices from the same generator as the other modes of energy and provides 34% shorter sealing time when using the Seal Mode on THUNDERBEAT™ devices.1

This new port compliments the original ESG-410 design which provided two monopolar, one bipolar, and two universal ports, to support a range of surgical disciplines for open, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, making this new version the first generator to power the five modes of energy commonly used in operating rooms and specialty procedural rooms (monopolar, bipolar, advanced bipolar, ultrasonic, and hybrid energy).

In addition to the new ultrasonic/hybrid energy capability, the design of the ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform enables enhanced performance for TURis procedures incorporating improved plasma stability during ignition, while requiring less energy for ignition than its predecessor.2

The ESG-410 also delivers Olympus’ Mode Designer technology which enables “plug and play” instrument recognition and performance optimization for existing and future Olympus devices, including the POWERSEAL™ family of advanced bipolar sealer/dividers for which no software upgrades are necessary.

“Olympus is excited to launch the new ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform offering hospitals the ability to standardize and consolidate electrosurgical generator fleets across multiple specialties with a single comprehensive energy solution,” said Phil Roy, Global Vice President and General Manager for surgical devices in the Therapeutic Solutions Division of Olympus Corp. “The ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform delivers streamlined efficiency in the operating room, providing the right energy for various applications in surgery and specialty interventional procedures. This new generator is the ‘Heart of Every Procedure’ and further positions Olympus as a comprehensive energy solution provider.”

Other benefits of the ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform include:

  • Smaller footprint versus multiple generators.
  • Wired and wireless footswitches with integrated mode toggle button allowing freedom of movement during procedures.
  • Simplified mode selection via the “Simple Modes” menu offer providing quick access and fast procedure start thanks to fewer submenus.
  • 8.4” LCD touch screen for clear visualization of information and excellent usability.

The ESG-410 generator, with its accessories and ancillary equipment, is intended for cutting and coagulation of tissue in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery and should only be used by a qualified physician in an adequate medical environment. Improper use or use of incompatible equipment with these generators may lead to excessive or incorrect HF and cause thermal or other injuries for the patient and/or operator.

All plugs must be securely inserted into the corresponding sockets for proper use. Be aware that if the main plug is accidentally disconnected during a procedure, the electrosurgical generator immediately turns off and this may result in complications for the patient should it occur during energy delivery. Please refer to the instructions for use prior to usage.

The ESG-410 generator is part of the Olympus energy portfolio that offers hospitals an all-in-one energy solution for any operating room and powers the full range of Olympus Energy systems: monopolar, bipolar (HiQ™, HICURA™, PK™ and Everest™ devices), ultrasonic (SONICBEAT™ devices), hybrid energy (THUNDERBEAT™ devices) and advanced bipolar (POWERSEAL™ devices).

For more information, visit the Olympus booth #1831 at STS or for more information about the Olympus energy portfolio visit the POWERSEAL, THUNDERBEAT and ESG-410 product pages.

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About Olympus
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1 Based on a benchtop test using vessels up to 2 mm comparing the SEAL mode’s time of THUNDERBEAT Type S with USG-410 vs. Electrosurgical Generator ESG-400 and Ultrasonic Generator USG-400.

2 Data on file with Olympus TREP_100-181-562