ESG-410 Electrosurgical Generator


HF Generator

ESG-410 Electrosurgical Generator

The ESG-410 Electrosurgical Generator features PLASMA+™ Technology, the latest technology to advance surgical treatment. This all-in-one generator powers a wide variety of surgical devices: Plasma resection for urology & gynecology, monopolar resection, bugbees, standard bipolar, as well as advanced bipolar for endoscopic and open procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced procedural efficiency due to faster tissue removal in BPH resections because of the reliable ignition of larger PlasmaLoop™ electrodes
  • Faster and stable ignition of Medium PlasmaLoop™, large PlasmaLoop™, PlasmaBand™, PlasmaButton™, and Plasma-OvalButton™ electrodes without tissue contact compared to the ESG-400 and SuperPulse generators
  • Maximize precision in TURBT procedures with ignition in free saline
  • Wireless footswitch available for added flexibility
  • Includes industry leading 5-year warranty

Product Support

  • Width 370 ± 2 mm
  • Height 241 ± 2 mm
  • Depth 501 ± 2 mm
  • Weight 16.4 kg
  • High frequency functions Monopolar and bipolar
  • High frequency at rated load 344 to 516 kHz
  • Maximum HF power monopolar 300 W at 500 Ω
  • Maximum HF power bipolar 320 W at 75 Ω

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