Olympus Announces FDA Clearance of the CELERIS™ Single-Use Sinus Debrider

The only single-use debrider on the market streamlines patient care in an office setting without requiring any capital investment.

Olympus announces that it has received FDA clearance for its CELERIS single-use debrider, the only single-use debrider on the market.

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. (Feb. 22, 2022) - Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, announced today FDA clearance for its CELERIS™ single-use sinus debrider system with a full market availability in the near future.

The CELERIS system contains the only single-use sinus debrider on the market and is indicated for cutting, coagulation, debriding and removal of thin bone and soft tissue in general ENT and sinus/rhinology procedures. Specific procedures and applications would include turbinoplasty, polypectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery.

The system’s compact and portable design offers the flexibility of performing less invasive procedures in nearly any treatment room and is designed to eliminate the need to schedule costly OR time, while improving workflow. The single-use CELERIS is also designed to eliminate reprocessing and maintenance costs normally associated with a full debrider system.

Patients will appreciate the convenience of an in-office procedure that contributes to the relief of symptoms associated with nasal congestion and sinusitis.

The device portfolio offers physicians options, depending on the nature of the procedure. Key features of the CELERIS single-use system include:

  • A standard 4mm device, along with 2mm and 4mm devices with bipolar capability, that allow a physician to manage incidental bleeding without the need to change instruments.1

  • A 4mm device with a user-bendable tip can replace multiple blade changes during a normal procedure. It can be bent up to 60 degrees, allowing a physician to reach more places without having to switch devices mid-procedure.2

  • The highly compact reusable power pack plugs into a standard wall outlet.

  • The quick and easy set-up offers physicians and staff more time for patient care.3

“While a full debrider system may be the right device in certain cases, the single-use CELERIS debrider offers physicians another option for most of their routine procedures,” said Dana Currier, Vice President and Business Unit Leader ENT for Olympus Corp. of the Americas. “Its simple setup and single-use design allows physicians to treat patients in the more comfortable setting of an office treatment room rather than an OR. And it can help improve patient outcomes by offering a bipolar energy option to manage incidental bleeding.”

As with all electrosurgery instruments, inappropriate use can cause damage to tissue, both electrically and thermally.

For more information about the CELERIS single-use debrider, visit medical.olympusamerica.com/products/celeris-disposable-sinus-debrider or visit medical.olympusamerica.com/specialty/ent for more information about the complete line of Olympus ENT offerings.

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