HL7 and DICOM interfaces allow you to maximize your productivity by automating visual and text data exchange between multiple information systems and EndoWorks. The HL7 and/or DICOM interfaces can be seamlessly integrated with other information systems to facilitate data and image transfer, thereby reducing manual data entry and saving you valuable time. Interface communication exists with any information system conforming to the HL7 and/or DICOM standard. The HL7 and/or DICOM interface allows information to be imported and/or exported in real time. Gateways are an ideal addition to the EndoWorks system for saving time and increasing efficiency in securely maintaining patient information.

Key Features:

  • Integrate seamlessly with EndoWorks application
  • Interface with any information system or EMR conforming to HL7 and/or DICOM standard
  • Support inbound data transfer, including ADT, Scheduling and Orders
  • Support outbound results transfer and images (report transfer available in PDF format)
  • Transfer in real time
  • Produce, store, display, process, send, retrieve, query or print medical images and derived structural documents in EndoWorks from any Picture Archiving and Communication System conforming to DICOM standard

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