VorticCatchV Stone Retrieval Basket


VorticCatchV Stone Retrieval Basket

The VorticCatchV Stone Retrieval Basket features a unique eight wire nitinol basket design that becomes tighter at the distal end to enable capture of a wide range of stones and sludge.  The basket design makes VorticCatchV ideally suited for capturing stones in narrow ducts, stones stuck in a bile duct pocket, or for retrieving fragments and sludge after lithotripsy.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Difficult to Reach Stones:  VorticCatchV maintains its open basket width at the distal end, allowing for high stone retrieval performance and accessibility to stones lodged in difficult to reach spaces in the bile duct.
  • Distally Wire-guided Tip Design:  The distally wire-guided tip facilitates navigation into the intrahepatic ducts and around large stones.
  • Simple Emergency Lithotripsy:  VorticCatchV features a metal coil sheath and connects to the LithoCrushV lithotripsy handle for simplified emergency lithotripsy in case of basket impaction.

Product Support

Basket Shape:  8-wire spiral
Open Basket Width:  20 mm
Basket Material:  Nitinol
Emergency Lithotripsy Compatible:  Yes
Package:  1 per box, sterile
Use:  Single Use

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