PacifiC Vent Tubes (70140395)


Vent Tube

PacifiC Vent Tubes (70140395)

Olympus PacifiC® vent tubes feature a proprietary PacifiC coating on their fluoroplastic construction that is clinically proven to resist biofilm. 

Key Benefits

  • Trusted design: Many of the vent tubes sold by Olympus were originally designed by Gyrus ENT (now a part of Olympus). For more than 50 years, these vent tubes have been the most trusted by ENT professionals nationwide. 
  • Diverse product line: Olympus myringotomy tubes are available in a vast array of materials, coatings, and sizes to meet the diverse needs of ENT surgeons. 

Product Support

Olympus myringotomy vent tubes are available in a wide array of materials, coatings, and sizes. For detailed specifications, please contact customer service for assistance.