SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Laser System


SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Laser System

SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed Laser is powered by a novel energy source for striking performance compared to conventional Holmium YAG1 Capable of dusting stones in half the time and fragmenting stones relentlessly – with virtually no retropulsion2. Precisely cutting through soft tissue and state-of-the-art prostate enucleation, with equivalent or visibly improved hemostasis3 dependent on fiber size. 

Key Benefits

SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed laser delivers exceptional performance in a surprisingly small and versatile package
  • Broadest range of settings4 (frequencies up to 2400Hz1, energies as low as 0.025J) 
  • Designed with modern components, for low cost maintenance 
  • Cooled with air for quiet operation
Smallest and most flexible surgical fibers at highest power output as compared to market leading urology fibers5
  • True-to-size 150u and 200u core diameter fibers, for access to hard to reach stones
  • Easy “quick-connect” to SOLTIVE™ SuperPulsed laser systems – no twisting or screwing
  • Convenient color coding to easily identify fiber types and sizes

1 Benchmark study. Comparison of dusting and fragmenting using the new Super Pulse Thulium Fiber Laser to a 120W Holmium:YAG laser. AUA 2019. Dr. Ben Chew.
2 Benchmark study. Super Pulse Thulium Fiber Laser Compared to 120W Holmium:YAG Laser: Impact on Retropulsion and Laser Fiber Burn Back. WCE 2019 Dr. Bodo Knudsen.
3 Benchmark study. Hemostatic properties of Super Pulse Thulium Fiber (SPTF) LASER: Comparison with High Power 120W Holmium-YAG LASER (Ho:YAG) in an ex-vivo Porcine Kidney Model. WCE 2019. Dr. Wilson Molina.

Product Support

Laser Specification SOLTIVE™ Premium SOLTIVE™ Pro
Laser ClassificationClass 4Class 4
Laser TypeThulium Fiber LaserThulium Fiber Laser
Wavelength1920 nm – 1960 nm1920 nm – 1960 nm
Laser Energy0.025 J – 6J0.025 J – 4J
Laser Frequency1 Hz – 2400 Hz1 Hz – 100 Hz
Average Power2 W – 60W adjustable2 W – 35W adjustable
Pulse Duration200 μs – 50 ms200 μs – 50 ms
Aiming BeamGreen, 500 – 550 nm, power adjustable 0-5 mWGreen, 500 – 550 nm, power adjustable 0-5 mW
Product CategorySurgical laser for medical useSurgical laser for medical use
Classification of Medical Device DirectiveClass IIbClass IIb
Electrical requirements100-240V~ at 1200VA 50/60 Hz100-240V~ at 1200VA 50/60 Hz
Dimensions HxWxD29.5 x 37.0 x 56.0 cm25.5 x 37.0 x 56.0 cm
Weight40 kg33 kg
Laser Cooling SystemAirAir
Protection against electric shockClass 1 / Type BFClass 1 / Type BF

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