SMart 360° Pistons


SMart 360° Pistons

The SMart 360° Piston is a completely encircling piston loop containing heat-activated nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy). Nitinol exhibits shape memory, returning to its original shape when heated, which dramatically simplifies the crimping maneuver. SMart 360° Pistons are available in a broad array of diameters and functional lengths.

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Key Benefits

SMart® Piston Technology
Olympus offers Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy, for middle-ear implants.

The reason Stapes surgery is challenging is that there is little tolerance for
error. SMart Piston technology incorporates our patented “self-crimping” Nitinol
alloy which simplifies Stapes surgery by taking the worry out of crimping.

  • Nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy) is a shape-memory metal alloy that has been used in medical applications for years. Since Nitinol “self-fashions” with heat, the crimping maneuver is dramatically simplified.
  • The SMart 360º Piston is a completely encircling piston containing heat-activated Nitinol.
  • The SMart 360º Piston has a shape memory property that allows the piston loop to hug the incus circumferentially.
  • The SMart De La Cruz Piston simplifies stapes surgery with its self-measuring body. This self-measuring feature improves a surgeon’s ability to measure implant length accurately.
  • MRI-compatible up to 3 Tesla.*

* Refer to MRI customer letter for all necessary conditions.


Product Support

Olympus offers a wide variety of prosthetic implants for stapedotomy and stapedectomy procedures in a selection of diameters, functional lengths, and materials. These implants range from the innovative SMart Piston family of products, which uses nitinol shape memory metal alloy, to the Classic Stapes Bucket Handle Prosthesis, which is constructed out of titanium. The Olympus complete line of middle ear solutions includes telescopes, pistons, loops, struts, and stapes as well as other instruments and accessories.

For detailed specifications, please contact your local Olympus ENT representative for assistance or refer to the ENT Catalog.

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