Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Pistons


Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Pistons

Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Pistons incorporate the popular fluoroplastic piston shaft with the highly biocompatible, easily crimped Olympus platinum-ribbon loop for ease of attachment around the incus. Platinum is a well-tolerated, “obedient” metal that is easy to crimp with virtually no “spring-back.” The loop is a flat cross-section (rather than round), providing a wide area of contact to discourage point necrosis and to provide superior purchase. Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Pistons are available in a broad array of diameters and functional lengths.

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Olympus offers a wide variety of prosthetic implants for stapedotomy and stapedectomy procedures in a selection of diameters, functional lengths, and materials. These implants range from the innovative SMart Piston family of products, which uses nitinol shape memory metal alloy, to the Classic Stapes Bucket Handle Prosthesis, which is constructed out of titanium. The Olympus complete line of middle ear solutions includes telescopes, pistons, loops, struts, and stapes as well as other instruments and accessories. 

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