Plasma Hysteroscopic Resection and Vaporization

Endobronchial Valve Therapy

Plasma Hysteroscopic Resection and Vaporization


Plasma is an electrically conductive gas cloud that, in this case, is created by the combination of radio frequency, energy and saline. It is made of vapor and charged particles called ions. Due to its conductivity, the plasma allows the energy to cross at lower energy levels. This effect leads to lower operating temperatures and therefore less thermal spread.

How to Treat with PLASMA

While most energy-based surgical products such as lasers and monopolar electrosurgical devises use heat-driven processes to remove or cut tissue, PLASMA technology generates a constant PLASMA field to remove tissue at a low operating temperature.

This results in:

  • minimal thermal damage to surrounding soft tissue.
  • a low penetration for the energy used.
  • significantly reduced bleeding.

Procedure-Optimized Electrodes

PLASMA offers a variety of treatment options for each patient.

PlasmaLoop, large Electrode
Increased loop to the same size as monopolar resection – enables quicker resection
PlasmaLoop Electrode
For resection of polyps, myomas and endometrium
Plasma-OvalButton Electrode
Vaporizing electrode for vaporizing myomas, endometrium and coagulation in the cornual area
PlasmaNeedle Electrode
Needle electrode for septum removal
PlasmaRoller Electrode
For providing coagulation of endometrium and in cornual area

Product Support

Plasma Electrodes with Single Use HF Cable*
WA47705SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” small, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ES TCRis, 5pcs
WA47706SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” medium, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47707SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” large, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47721SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaBand,” medium, 24 Fr, 12°/16°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47723SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaBand,” medium, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47732SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” medium, angled, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47740SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaNeedle,” right angled, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47751SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaRoller,” 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47755SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaNeedle,” angled, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47760SHF-resection electrode “PlasmaButton,” 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47766SHF-resection electrode “Plasma-OvalButton,” oval, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
Plasma HF-Resection Electrodes with Single Use Cable*
WA47737HF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” medium, long, 24 Fr, 12°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA49938HF-resection electrode “PlasmaRoller,” long, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47739HF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” medium, long, angled, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47741HF-resection electrode “Plasma – OvalButton,” oval, long, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47742HF-resection electrode “PlasmaLoop,” small, long, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47743HF-resection electrode “Plasma Loop,” large, long, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs
WA47744HF-resection electrode “PlasmaNeedle,” long, right angled, 24 Fr, 12°-30°, ESG TCRis, 5pcs

*supplied sterile, single use, disposable

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Olympus Professional Education also offers training programs through Olympus University (OU). Geared toward nurses, reprocessing technicians and biomeds, many of the OU courses are available for nursing contact hour continuing education credit.

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