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PK Aim

Dissect tissue efficiently.
Seal vessels confidently.
That’s Energy
PK AIM is the first ever hybrid electrosurgical instrument for open procedures that combines monopolar and advanced bipolar energy in a single device. PK AIM provides surgeons with the ability to mobilize target anatomy, transect tissue, and seal and cut vessels (up to and including 3 mm), tissue bundles, and lymphatics with precision and control.

2-IN-1 Advanced
Electrosurgical Instrument:

  • Monopolar
  • Advanced Bipolar

5-IN-1 Advanced

  • Vessel sealing (≤3 mm)
  • Cutting
  • Dissecting
  • Grasping
  • Coagulating

Efficient Dissection & Coagulation

With its proprietary non-stick coating and revolutionary functionality, PK AIM can help improve operating efficiency

Effective Vessel Sealing

PK AIM effectively seals and cuts vessels (up to and including 3 mm), tissue bundles and lymphatics

Performance + Value

PK AIM is designed to positively impact metrics for clinical satisfaction including:

  • Procedure Time
  • Surgical Field Focus
  • Suture/Clip Usage
  • Operating Efficiency
  • Instrument Exchanges
  • Hemostatic Control
  • Demand on O.R. Staff

Powered by the EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System

Drive efficiencies through standardization to one generator that delivers monopolar, bipolar, advanced bipolar, ultrasonic, and hybrid energy (multiple energies delivered simultaneously) to meet all of your energy needs.

Please speak with your Olympus representative to learn more about the overall benefits of PK AIM, including how you can improve efficiencies and deliver cost-effective care.

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EPF-1 Surgical Tissue
Management System

Contained Tissue Extraction System