The Only Powered
Dissector with Built-In
Hemostasis for ENT

PK® diego® System with Bipolar Energy Capability


The Ultimate Tool for ENTs - Designed by ENTs.

No other platform today combines superior dissection, ergonomic comfort and bipolar hemostasis like PK
diego. In one device, you get a versatile, complete system that saves time.

PK diego gives you more options:

  • Fast Setup
  • Easy Blade Changes
  • Rotatable Nosecone
  • Image Guidance System Compatibility

PK Blades

PK diego combines the award-winning diego powered dissection platform with bipolar energy capability, giving the surgeon the option to control
normal bleeding. PK blades create a gentle bipolar hemostatic effect with minimal thermal spread and less smoke and char normally associated
with monopolar electrosurgery.

PK Output Waveform and Characteristics

The PK output is a variable amplitude sinusoid waveform varying between approximately 200 kHz and 450 kHz, corresponding to minimum and
maximum load impedance respectively.

Maximum power:
40 Watts into 100 Ohms (High Setting)
20 Watts into 100 Ohms (Med. Setting)
10 Watts into 100 Ohms (Low Setting)
Max Voltage: 140 Volts RMS

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