OES Hysterofiberscope HYF Type 1T

Fiber Hysteroscope

OES Hysterofiberscope HYF Type 1T

Today, advances in flexible fiberoptic technology have led to new and unique designs of flexible endoscopes. Olympus, a leader in flexible scope technology, has developed a flexible hysteroscope for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; the HYF-1T OES Hysterofiberscope. This scope provides specific advantages over rigid hysteroscopes in outpatient settings most noticeably in patient comfort.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible design allows user to easily observe all areas of the uterine cavity with minimal scope movement
  • Proprietary fiberoptic image bundle produces exceptional image resolution and brightness.
  • Wide 120° field of view provides user with direct vision of both tubal ostia simultaneously.
  • Angulation of 120° up/down tip deflection enhances entire uterine cavity visualization through easy tip manipulation.
  • Large working channel of 2.2 mm allows usage of larger flexible hand instruments.

Product Support

Products Specs OES Hysterofiberoscope HYF Type 1T

Optical System
Field of View 120°
Direction of View 0° Forward Viewing
Depth of Field 2-50 mm
Insertion Portion
Distal End Outer Diameter 4.5 mm
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 4.9 mm
Working Length 290 mm
Instrument Channel
Channel Inner Diameter 2.2 mm
Minimum Visible Distance 5 mm
Bending Section
Angulation Range Up/Down 120°
Total Length 590 mm