OCS-500 Colposcope


OCS-500 Colposcope

Providing a high quality digital image, extended magnification, and smooth maneuverability, the OCS-500 Colposcope is the key to more efficient office gynecology.

Key Benefits

  • Refined optical performace
  • Single-handed operation
  • Colposcopy and hysteroscopy in a single system
  • Digital documentation

Product Support

Product Specs OCS-500 Colposcope

Air Temperature 10-40°C (50 - 104°F)
Humidity 30-85%
Air Pressure 700-1060 hPa
(0.7 – 1.1 kg / cm2, 10.2 – 15.4 psia)
Dimensions 600 mm dia. (Pedestal Base) x 1400 mm (Overall Height)
Magnification 10x
Field Number 22
Diopter Adjustment –5 – +5 m-1
Drive System Manual drive by knob rotation
Zoom Ratio 1:06
Focus System Adjustable focal length
Drive System Manual drive by knob rotation
Focus Adjustment Range 250 - 350 mm
System Light guide
Filter Detachable green filter
WD220 : 3.7 -23.4X
WD300 : 3.0 - 18.8X
WD350 : 2.7 - 16.9X
Field Of View
WD220 : 58.5 - 9.3 mm
WD300 : 73.1 - 11.6 mm
WD350 : 82.4 - 13.1 mm
Floor Stand
Support System Floorstand
Balancing System Pantographic arm balancing using spring
Balance Adjustment Range 4.0 - 7.0 kg
Balance Adjustment Handle adjusted
Binocular Tube Tilt 10 degrees upward and 30 degrees downward relative to the horizontal observation optical axis
Vertical Arm Movement Range 300 mm
Arm Rotation Range 270°
Photography/Cinematography Equipment
TV Camera Connectable using a TV camera adapter (optional)
Digital Camera Connectable using a digital camera adapter (optional)
OCS-500 Standard Set
Zoom Microscope Body
Balance Arm
Horizontal Arm
Floorstand Base
Light Guide
Eyepiece Shape TV Mount
TV Camera Adapter
CLH-SC Halogen Light Source
OCS5-DCAD2 Digital Camera Adapter
OCS5-TVAD1 TV Camera Adapter
OCS5-SR System Rack
OCS5-TYS Small Tray
OCS5-LG Light Guide
Compatible Video Systems
OTV-S7V VISERA Video System
OTV-SC Video Systems
Compatible Light Sources
CLV-S40/S45 VISERA Xenon Light Source
CLH-SC Halogen Light Source