SmoothShot TBNA - Single Use (NA-601D-1519)


TBNA Needles

SmoothShot TBNA - Single Use (NA-601D-1519)

The single-use Olympus NA-601D-1519 SmoothShot Aspiration Needle features a double-needle design with a 19-gauge outer needle and a 21-gauge inner needle. It has an 18 mm length needle with a 115 mm working length.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth needle movement: The needle’s sophisticated design delivers smooth transbronchial needle aspiration and puncture performance, and the shorter, ridged distal portion of the needle allows smooth movement, even when the scope is angulated.
  • Convenient side port: A side port allows for specimen collection from both the side of the needle as well as the tip.
  • Endoscope compatibility: Superb endoscope compatibility and a unique stainless steel sheath protect the biopsy channel during insertion.

Product Support

Single Use Only: 
Min Channel Size: 
Needle Length: 
18 total/15 outer
Needle Gauge Length: 
21 G inner/19 G outer

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