NeedleCut3V Needle Knife


NeedleCut3V Needle Knife

Single-use Olympus NeedleCut3V Triple Lumen Needle Knives are specifically designed for incision of the papilla of Vater prior to ERCP. The triple-lumen design facilitates cannulation after incision without requiring that the catheter be exchanged. Full separation of the injection lumen and guidewire lumen allows contrast media to be smoothly injected with a guidewire in place.

Key Benefits

  • Tapered tip design for smooth insertion: The  tip is tapered to facilitate insertion into the papilla while keeping the incision as small as possible.
  • Excellent visibility under fluoroscopy: The tip of the sheath features a marking made of a highly radiopaque material that enables easy confirmation of the device tip position under fluoroscopy.
  • Pre-curved tip for easier knife positioning: A pre-curved distal end  on the needle knife provides stable cannulation capability.
  • CleverCut coating for enhanced safety: The unique coating on the KD-V451M knife model helps to prevent inadvertent deep incisions.

Product Support

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