Laparoscope Upgrade Program
Manage your capital upgrades and repair maintenance with one low fixed annual cost through your operational budget.
  • The Olympus Full Service Agreement will cover any of your non-Olympus laparoscopes for a full three years.
  • Whenever your current laparoscope breaks, Olympus will upgrade it with a new Olympus premium laparoscope.
Why Olympus Laparoscopes?
  • Bright image and phenomenal contrast: By focusing light distribution equally across the entire image (from center to periphery), rather than in the center of the image, they provide greater contrast throughout the entire field of view.
  • Distortion-free viewing: State-of-the-art aspherical lenses remove any distortion, no matter how small the field of view.
  • Autoclave guarantee: Olympus Goldtip laparoscopes were the first autoclavable telescopes on the market and are warranted for five years against autoclave damage.
Laparoscope Upgrade Program (Example Only)
Number of Converted Laparoscopes Standard Cost
per Month
Your Cost
per Month
(with 5% Discount)
20 $3,000 $2,850

*Includes new scope and repairs

Rigid Laparoscopes
(Upgraded Olympus Models)
  • WA50372B: 5 mm, 0°
  • WA50373B: 5 mm, 30°
  • WA50374B: 5 mm, 45°
  • WA53000A: 10 mm, 0°
  • WA53005A: 10 mm, 30°
  • WA53010A: 10 mm, 45°
  • WA52005A: 10 mm, 30°, 430 mm working length
  • WA52006A: 10 mm, 45°, 430 mm working length

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