Polygrab Tripod (FG-600U)


Grasping Forceps / Retrieval Baskets

Polygrab Tripod (FG-600U)

The Olympus Polygrab™ Tripod grasping forceps feature an advanced 3-prong configuration in a convenient, single-use design. The forceps’ wide opening maximizes grasping capability, and the innovative ringed tip design helps to minimize tissue damage.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced tripod design: The grasping section incorporates a tripod design with wide opening prongs and ringed distal tips for excellent retrieval capability.
  • Ringed distal tips: The prongs’ innovative ringed tip design helps minimize tissue damage.
  • Convenient packaging: Each single-use Polygrab Tripod is sterile packaged for convenience and efficiency. 

Product Support

Working Length: 230 cm 
Opening Width: 20.0 mm
Minimum Channel Size: 2.8 mm 
Grasper Design: Tripod
Package: Sterile
Use: Single use

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