F-Tip Vacurette Cannulae

Vacuum Curettage

F-Tip Vacurette Cannulae

F-Tip Vacurette® Cannulae are Karmann-style curettes featuring a dual-port design. They are made from high-quality, flexible material that reduces the risk of perforation during a procedure.

Key Benefits

  • Safety markers: The flexible tip includes an insertion depth marker on the shaft to reduce risk of perforation.
  • Protective tip: The rounded tip with dual ports deflects and collapses when pushed against the uterine fundus.

Product Support

21663‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-tip, 4 mm, 10/pkg
21664‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-tip, 5 mm, 10/pkg
21665‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-tip, 6 mm, 10/pkg
21744‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-tip, 7 mm, 10/pkg
21745‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-tip, 8 mm, 10/pkg
23138‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-set, 5 mm, 10/pkg
23135‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-set, 6 mm, 10/pkg
23157‡ Berkeley® Vacurette® Cannulae, F-set, 7 mm, 10/pkg
23116‡ Disposable Collection Tubing Set with integral swivel handle, slip ring, and male fitting (for use with 7–12 mm Vacurette® Cannulae and the 14 mm cannula with 003696 adapter), 3/8” i.d., 6 ft., 10/pkg
003696‡ 14 mm Adapter (allows attachment of a 14 mm cannula to the 23116 3/8” tubing set)

‡ Supplied, sterile, single use, disposable.

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